• Ex industrial sites, blast furnaces discharge channels, reclamation and safety settings of dumps.

  • Loading, unloading, transshipment, storage, and handling of goods and other materials.

  • Oil and Hydrocarbons Industrial Warehouse.

  • Automated System Crude Oil Washing (C.O.W.)

  • Thermoelectric power plants, refineries, steel plants and other industrial plants.

  • High pressure water washing of tube bundles, plants for transfer to storage areas.

  • Special Waste and Special Hazardous Waste.

  • Waste Water Purification Plant and Filter Press for mud drying.

  • Dump for solid industrial waste with pre-treatment.


In this section you can have a look to the registrations, authorizations and certifications achieved by Ecologica S.p.A.

The commitment of the company and the continuous resolution to reach service standard always higher, has allowed Ecologica during time to be one from the most important reality in the field, as shown also from some important rewards as: being enrolled in the Register of Environmental Managers of Lazio, with different authorizations, launch of the process to obtain the I.P.P.C. from the Province of Taranto; SOA certificate n. 18381AL/17/00 dated 09.10.2014 cat. OG 12 class VIII (unlimited);  authorizations from AQP (Apulia Waterworks); the registration to the National Electric Register (REN); Quality certifications UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and BS OHSAS 180001.

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