• Dump for solid industrial waste with pre-treatment.

Dump for special waste

Ecologica S.p.A. owns a disposal plant for non dangerous industrial waste, authorized by the Province of Bari (Provision no. 124 dated 09.12.2008), situated in the town of Barletta – San Procopio – and reaches out 32.538 m2 , with a basin surface of about 22.000 m2 . This plant has been authorized for the execution of disposal operation D1, foreseen by attachment B of the 4th part of Legislative Decree no.152/06.

General Layout of the Plant

  • Type of site: section of an exhausted calcarenite limestone quarry.
  • Total capacity of plant (expressed in volume useful for disposal of waste) equal to 350.000 m3.
  • Basin surface of about 22.000 m2 and service area (for internal road access and green area) equal to 10.038 m2, with a total surface of 32.538 m2 .
  • Average height of the walls layout: about 16 mt.

The plant is constituted by a facility dedicated to the controlled disposal of waste, to which the access is guaranteed by an adequate access ramp and by an area at ground level, dedicated to service road access, parking areas and fences. The Dump is equipped with a treatment plant upstream, which guarantees an adequate waste treatment in order to ensure the respect of the limits as foreseen by Minister Decree 03.08.2005.

The plant has two draining system for leachate (control and evacuation) – the first one has hollow piping inserted into the draining layer placed on the 2 mm HDPE blanket, while the second one has hollow piping inserted into the draining layer placed in the 2.5 mm HDPE blanket. The two leachate collecting system are addressed to two leachate collection wells, one next to the other one, both placed in the side area of the quarry which is also the most sunken area; the wells are equipped with two pumps (operation and emergency) for the leachate transfer to the 4 storage tanks for a total amount of 200 m3.

The Dump also has a rain water treatment plant with fat and grease skimmers, to use in the pit for a total surface of 7.950 m2 . Furthermore the plant has an adequate basin inside the Dump for the disposal of Asbestos packed waste (CER Code 170604).

The infrastructures and general services include:

  • offices and labs;
  • impianto di pesatura a ponte;
  • tires washing system for the vehicles (concrete platform 16x16 mt);
  • service area (for a total surface of 7.950 m2 , cobbled with a 20 cm hardcore foundation, 7 cm of ajar hot-mix , 3 cm wearing carpet of hot-mix);
  • dumping ground;
  • roofing for service vehicles parking.

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