• Ex industrial sites, blast furnaces discharge channels, reclamation and safety settings of dumps.

Environmental reclamation

Polluted Sites

The expression “polluted sites” refers to all those areas where, due to human activities performed or still in execution, it has been ascertained a distortion of the qualitative characteristics of the soils, of superficial and underground water.

The characterization of polluted sites represents the surveys (soundings, piezometers, examinations, etc.) carried out in a polluted site or in a potentially polluted one, whose goal is to define the geological and hydro geological structure, check the eventual presence of water and soil contamination and develop a conceptual model of the site.

The activities of ECOLOGICA S.p.A. cover all the steps of the operation:

  • identification, through special samples (borings), of the depth of polluted material and subsequent characterization of waste;
  • removal of polluted layer by using proper equipment (tired shovels, excavators);
  • loading and transfer of waste material to appropriate disposal plants regularly authorized for reception of the same.

Reclamation and Safety Setting of Dumps

Knowing the contamination source, the exposure path and the critical receptors according to the risk analysis, gives Ecologica S.p.A. the chance to choose the corrective operations more adequate to the situation. Because only a complete exposure path generates a risk, it’s possible to perform a corrective operation on each item that constitute the complete path: root operations (leachate collection system, system of biogas purification, consolidation of waste), operations on the path (capping) and operations on the receptors (eventual limit of use). All these different type of operations are equally efficient, because they act breaking the connection between the source and the receptors, enabling to reduce the risks of the polluted site within acceptable limits.

Because the polluting source is constituted by waste stored without control and it’s not convenient neither economically nor technically removing them, even if using the best technologies available at acceptable costs, Ecologica S.p.A. performs operations of permanent safety settings and environmental clean-up, followed by operations to isolate permanently the polluting sources from the environment.

Here below the operations to perform for the permanent safety settings:

  • dump wall adjustments to improve the stability conditions;
  • perimeter ring of dump with reinforced soil;
  • surface isolating capping system of waste (as required by Law Decree 36/2003);
  • tapping, convoy and leachate collection system;
  • purification, convoy and handling system of biogas;
  • tapping channels and management of rain water coming from the inside of the sump;
  • fencing and lighting of dump.

Equipment used for the execution of the activities

tracked excavators:

  • 3 CAT 323;
  • CAT 322;
  • CAT 320;
  • CAT 320 C/LN;
    (FK 385).

tired shovels:

    (W 190 EV);
    (W 190);
    (FK 270).


  • 3 Mod. 463;
  • Mod. 753;
  • Mod. 323 J;
  • Mod. T 250.


  • HITACHI FD 40;
  • CNH XD40.


Mobile plant for conditioning and dewatering of mud (filter press)

  • Brand TECOFIL model FS1200.60.35, serial number 0051430 – Authorized by the Lazio Region with license authorization no. A2475 dated 18/07/2008.

Mobile plant for the non dangerous waste recovery (stones grinder)

  • Manufacturer “MASCHINENFABRIK LIEZEN UND GIESSEREI GES.B.H. (MFL) – type R- CI 100 – 100/T – serial number no. 0944998, authorized by the Lazio Region with license authorization no. B9920 dated 27/12/2011.

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