• Waste Water Purification Plant and Filter Press for mud drying.

Waste water disposal

Ecologica S.p.A. owns a purification plant for dangerous and non dangerous waste water, one of it is biological and the other one chemical-physical (authorized by the Province of Taranto with Provision no. 166 dated 11.10.2004 transferred by Provision no. 93 dated 21.06.2005). The company also owns a mobile station for mud drying (FILTER-PRESS - authorized by the Province of Taranto with G.P Provision no. 289 dated 20.09.2002 transferred by Provision no. 93 dated 21.06.2005). .

Technical Characteristics of the Plant

Chemical-Physical Plant:

  • quantity to treat: 20 m3/day;

  • the treatment method of the bilge waters is based on the DHL principle (process of flocculation, which, unlike traditional process, does not require the use of usual chemical additives, but flocculation is obtained by controlled anodic dissolution controlled of electrodes in an aluminum alloy). Using, as flocculent, only metallic aluminum , does not cause any rising of the saline content in fresh water, unlike it happens with traditional reagents. The use, as flocculent, of the only metallic aluminum, does not imply, differently to what happens with traditional reagents, any increase in the saline content of the purified water.

Aerobic Type Biologic Plant:

  • quantity to treat: 30 m3/day;

  • the treatment method, used for sewage waters is a “BIOLOGIC METHOD WITH ACTIVE MUDS AND ESTENDED AERATION”, in order to allow a complete mineralization of the mud in absence of creation of unpleasant smells and for the complete separation of solids from liquids with complete purification and sterilization of final waste water.

Mobile station for mud drying (FILTER-PRESS)

  • Mod. FS 1200.60.35 with no. 60 plates in ppHD 1200x1200 and a 35 mm camera. Equipped with automatic air conditioning, both chemical with batchers of ferric chloride and lime milk, and organic reactive with batchers of polyelectrolyte in powder such as anionic, cationic, and non-ionic.
  • Capacity: 8 m3/h

  • Capacity for mud drying: up to 40%.

  • Dimensions: Length: mt. 13,50; Height: mt. 2,45; Width: mt. 2,45.

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